Doves on My Porch

Stuff just happens! Especially to the Runabouts, which of course they are okay with because they take everything in strideEveryone-Front-Cover-NEW.

Doves On My Porch, A Nana and Nono Runabout Adventure written by Connie Ramsey Venturin, follows the antics of Nana, Nono, Snizzy the snail (who lives in Nana’s hat!), and Giovanni Galileo Giuseppe Gustavo, the glow worm.

In their first adventure, doves make a nest on Nana’s wicker chair on the porch. Everyone in the household is delighted to watch the tiny eggs hatch.

They observe while Mom and Dad dove teach their babies to fly, even though little ‘Peanut’, the smallest baby, does not want to! Throughout the adventure, Snizzy will tell you the coolest stuff about Mourning Doves.